Haring Team Info


This past year, Phoenix hashers have been planning and testing some shitty trails for you! PHX InterAm will  be hosting 18 trails of varying length, difficulty, and terrain! We can’t do it alone!

We need teams to take ownership and staff each of our trails. We need you!  

How do the trails work?

Trails are pre-designed and tested with room for slight adjustments by hares.

During the event, each trail will be hashed TWICE – Saturday & Sunday. Hashers will choose a different trail each day, unless they get drunk as shit and don’t remember it the first time.

What do we need?

Teams of 5+ willing to manage the same pre-designed trail two days in a row.

The team would be responsible for:

  • Haring, (number depending on trail ie. Turkey/Eagle/…Double Eagle!!!?)
  • Beermeistering,
  • Sweeping trail,
  • Checking people on and off the bus,
  • RAing circle (or just recruit RA’s for circle)

Teams may switch out members or roles each day, so long as you can do so without complete chaos.

How do I volunteer?

A form will be posted on Thursday! Fill out all the info!

You have 2 weeks to gather your team and submit the form!  Look at the Who’s Cumming list and talk to your pals/previous hookups! This is open to all registered participants*.

What if I don’t have a group?

We still need you!

We’ll pair partial teams with others the best we can. Yay new friends/hookups!

I need to come early to scout?

Not necessarily. We’ve scouted the trails, and will have maps ready for you – but hares need to be familiar with their trails. Cumming to PHX RDR in April?  We will have trail areas assigned well before then! You can check out your trail then; some can be previewed right before InterAm. Otherwise, we may offer you a local co-hare.

What if I still have questions?

Talk to us! Our email is interamtrails@phoenixhhh.org.