Trail Submissions Are Open!

Arizona hashers, you are encouraged to submit your best trails for consideration. We’d love to showcase the absolute best that this great state has to offer – so please think about the most interesting, iconic, fun, or scenic areas that you know, and tell us about it!


Very important: this is different from volunteering to hare a trail in the traditional sense. Trails will be co-hared by volunteers from kennels near and far, so we can’t promise that you will be haring the trail you submit (but will give your efforts due consideration!). There will be plenty of haring responsibilities to go around, but we will not be assigning trails at this time. Trail designers WILL be credited in the event guide (Glory, Glory Ale and Lager!).


  • Trail start strictly within a 2 hour bus ride from our hotel; Hotel address is 7677 N 16th St Phoenix AZ 85020; a long ride should be justified by a truly notable area. We will need most trails to be within a shorter traveling time.
  • A minimum of 104 people (2 busses) will need to be accommodated by each trail. Bonus if the area can easily accommodate more hashers.
  • Access to trails has to be secure; either public lands or with permission that can be relied upon for October 2017.
  • Trail length can vary; we expect to be hosting hashers interested in everything from ballbuster to zippy trails, but will be looking to host a majority of trails between 3.69 to 6.69 miles. Please note if you feel an area has multiple options and can be adjusted in length, or has a nice Turkey/Eagle option. Appropriate balance of mileage with travel times, elevation difficulty, and shiggy level will be appreciated – so for example 10 miles straight up a mountain after a 2-hour drive probably won’t work (sounds great to me…lets plan one of those for another time!)
  • Reasonably private areas to have Beer Nears and circle. Bonus for areas with accommodations such as bathrooms at some point on trail.

Trails can be submitted individually or in collaboration. Please review the trail submission form here and give us the most detail you possibly can. If you know of a fantastic area with potential, but don’t feel comfortable designing a trail yourself, consider asking someone for help!

Please send any questions to Our team will answer frequently asked questions on this page, for everyone’s benefit. Communicating in writing and in one place will help us keep track of details and keep everyone on the same page (hint: don’t tell me about your best trail idea the next time you see me at circle…sometimes I drink).

Thank you in advance for your time and effort!! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got and to check out some cool new places as we plan this event!


Each trail will need a team of hares – numbers to be determined by the trail. Traveling kennels can team up to co-hare trails, and will coordinate with a local hasher to do so.  Haring duties will not be assigned at this time, but interested parties can email (I will archive the inquiry for when we can begin assigning hares!) Thank you!

Hashing in Arizona

The southwest is beautiful in a “everything will try to kill you” kind of way. From our flora covered in painful spikes to our fauna also covered in spikes, the Sonoran desert is worth a visit. Be sure to update your health insurance plan to cover “murderous plants,” as most people don’t select that option during signup. Temperatures in October can range from moderate to hot, please plan accordingly.  Hydration can be a challenge for the unaccustomed even in reasonable temperatures – plan to drink plenty of water the entire time you are here. An hour north of town the weather is 15 degrees cooler than in the city, with a number of pine trees that haven’t yet been infested by bark beetles.

The Grand Canyon south rim is about 5 hours from Phoenix. While that is a bit far for trail, the area is beautiful and definitely worth a visit while you are in the state.

Don’t do this.