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Hashing in Arizona

The southwest is beautiful in a “everything will try to kill you” kind of way. From our flora covered in painful spikes to our fauna also covered in spikes, the Sonoran desert is worth a visit. Be sure to update your health insurance plan to cover “murderous plants,” as most people don’t select that option during signup. Temperatures in October can range from moderate to hot, please plan accordingly.  Hydration can be a challenge for the unaccustomed even in reasonable temperatures – plan to drink plenty of water the entire time you are here. An hour north of town the weather is 15 degrees cooler than in the city, with a number of pine trees that haven’t yet been infested by bark beetles.

The Grand Canyon south rim is about 5 hours from Phoenix. While that is a bit far for trail, the area is beautiful and definitely worth a visit while you are in the state.

Don’t do this.