Bids for 2019 InterAm

Are you bidding to host the 2019 InterAmerica’s Hash in North or South America? You might be just a quarter-mind, but HONOR!

You will have up to 5 minutes on stage on Saturday night to make your presentation. We can offer you a screen and sound if you need video, and we will do our best to accommodate tech needs within reason and with notice. Bids will take place inside a carpeted ballroom on a stage. Please respect the resort and don’t make a mess! Each Phoenix InterAm attendee will receive one raffle ticket to vote on site for the 2019 host city after bids. The “winner” with the most votes will be announced Sunday night of Phoenix InterAm.

The expectation is to be ready to open up 2019 InterAm regos on Sunday if you should win the bid! Keep in mind, the bi-annual InterAmerica’s Hash is traditionally Labor Day weekend or around that timeframe. We simply needed to move it a bit to avoid visitor heatstroke! Hashers will want to know about your city and what it offers, the rego cost, the size of the event, the dates, what your kennel can offer, and if you have experience throwing a major event.

Please fill out this form with your information. Best wishes and good luck! You’ll need it, and Phoenix InterAm Mismanagement is more than happy to answer any questions and toss you all the support we can for the next two years, just as Portland very much has done for us.

Current Bids:

  • Hash Cruise:  Scotch H3
  • Rumson HHH:  NJ

Good luck… you’ll need it!