Lost and Found Results

Below are the results of us looking through the items for your lost items:

List and Results
Room number Lost Item(s) Result of Search
2133 “Green bag full of different size batteries, like D, C, AA, and AAA. I think that's the room number” Not Found
Cuddle puddle room Blue rainbow brand cloth soled flip flips Not Found
3458 Sunglasses inside a tan case with a design of sunglasses and the word Piranha. Not Found
Somewhere around the resort 1 white costume cowboy hat with a blue and white lanyard ( presumably lost in a hashpitality suite) – 1 pair of prescription glasses sliver frames round lenses (also presumably lost in a hashpitality suite) – 1 white/clearish silipint with RU on one side and the footprint on the other ( picked up near the hash suites when i put it down to help someone) Not Found
1266…I think iPhone charger cube and cable Not Found
2240 “Pink Oakley Frogskin sunglasses with kind of mirrored lenses. Lost between the dining room/ballroom and habadashery room. Also went into bathroom across the hall from hab. They (hotel staff) thought they found them when cleaning after dinner. I went right back from hab rm when realized they were gone and they were still cleaning up dining rm. Thx so much for your help!” Not Found
Somewhere on resort Gold Giani Bini sandals size 9 or 9.5. I think I left near a pool. Thought I saw them in a lost and found pic.Thanks! Not Found
2401 1. McGregor pattern Sport Kilt – ultra mini 2. Neon green draw string backpack with lots of patches and 3 big plastic dick shaped drink bottles. In progress
bus #6 Brooks Cascadia women's trail shoes. Size 9 purple pink Not Found
Unk Teal hydroflask…somewhere around the resort (probably near breakfast cereal on 4th floor) Thank you! Not Found
It was lost at one of the neighborhood pools we think. Referee jersey with 12 years of patches strewn about it. Not Found
3234 Casita “Game of thorns XL shirt, lost somewhere in the resort, not in my room. Thanks!” Not Found
Somewhere around the resort Charm City (Balt) H3 Riding Crop — has my toe tag on it Not Found