Phoenix HHH welcomes you to sell your hash goods at the Phoenix InterAm 2017 Bazaar!

By signing up for our Bazaar, you will be provided with an indoor table and chairs to sell your wares to around 2000 attendees, right by InterAm check-in. Yay, air conditioning!

The Bazaar will be open Friday during registration, Saturday, and Sunday. Exact hours are yet to be determined. The room will be locked outside of our business hours.

We do not charge a vendor fee, but ask each ┬áparticipating vendor to donate a fun item to our hashpitality prize package. What kind of item? That’s up to you! (I love shirts, socks, hats, vessels, jewelry, puppies, and all-inclusive trips to Paris, but that’s just me.)

Spot reservations are due no later than August 31!

Please fill in the form below, and if you have any questions, please contact Jugs Juicy, the Bazaar’s benevolent dictator at

Any other questions regarding the Bazaar, send an email to the email link shown above.

Jugs Juicy