InterAm Bazaar Details

Location: Pima/Hopi rooms

Haberdashers, vendors, and snake oil shysters, thank you for joining us! We have a full house now!

When you arrive, please check in with Jugs Juicy to set up your station. At that time, she will collect your Hashpitality item and give you your table.

Please note, the Bazaar opens Friday afternoon but we are opening an early optional set up time on Thursday.

  • Thursday set up: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Friday: 3 PM – 7 PM
  • Saturday: 4 PM – 7 PM
  • Sunday: 4 PM – 7 PM


Haberdashery Hash Name City ST
IAH 2019 Bid Babe Thruster Mobile AL
Lost boobs Little bunny poo poo Phoenix AZ
Phoenix HHH Jugs Juicy Phoenix AZ
Huachuca H3 CamAl Toe Sierra Vista AZ
Phoenix HHH Haberdashery A Star is Porn & Tranny Granny Phoenix AZ
JHAVELINA H3 Uncle jHolio Tucson AZ
FOOTHILL H3 Magic Lake Forest CA
LBH3 Spitty Spitty Gangbang Long Beach CA
Long Beach H3 Alouette Fullerton CA
SDH3 Dingleberry and plays on easy Poway CA
Sacramento H3 Bigger Better Faster Deeper Auburn CA
Fort Collins Consolation prize Fort morgan CO
Key West H3 Dead Travelin Fister Key West FL
Tampa Bay H3 Kiddie Tampa FL
MCH3 Mount Dora Casselberry FL
Southern Comfort H3 Easy Head Job Sandy Springs GA
Charm City H3 She Has Small Hands Baltimore MD
Minneapolis hash house harriers Dickey Dukes Minneapolis MN
Big Hump H3 Eye Swallow St. Louis MO
Cape Fear H3 Photo Spread Wilmington NC
Albuquerque hash house harriers PG 6" Albuquerque NM
Las Vegas Hash house Harriers Golden Eagle Henderson NV
Flour City Hash House Harriers Swayze's Swollen Throat Rochester NY
"Portland Humpin' Hash House Harriers" and "Lunar H3" Shock the Beaver Portland OR
Harrisburg Hershey h3 Choke Me Off Harrisburg PA
Harrisburg Hershey H3 ID CampHill PA
Draft Punk H3 Moist Slacks Nashville TN
Wandering Whore H3 Just Enough For Fucking Fast (JEFFaFa) El Paso TX
Texas Crab Hash Dick the Boy Wonder Houston TX
Border Jumper H3 Pick a Hole El Paso TX
Huzzah! H3 Epic Fail Houston TX
Moving On On Over Optimal Urban Speeds ThRU Our Neighborhoods H3 Dick Assley Houston TX
Clam Hash House Harriers 5 O'Twat Shadow Virginia Beach VA
Hangover H3 Cum Brew Lay Arlington VA
Red Tent H3 Ole Yell Her Stafford VA
Panhandle Cossacks Tig O'Bitties Springfield VA

Any other questions regarding the Bazaar, send an email to the email link shown above.

Jugs Juicy