InterAm 2017 New Year Raffle Announcement!!!

We knew that the 2017 InterAmericas Hash in Phoenix would be popular, but were surprised at the speed by which the registrations and hotel rooms sold out!

All proceeds will go into the general InterAm fund to support the purchase of more beer!!!!! There is no profit at InterAm.  Any funds remaining go to the next InterAm.

Way back when we “won” the “opportunity” to host this event in Phoenix, we held a few registrations back in case it sold out too quickly for the organizers to buy their own… and it sold out really fucking fast… and now that the dust has settled, we are raffling off 2 pairs of 2 registrations for the 2017 InterAm event in October 2017. We will only be selling a maximum of 100 raffle tickets so you have a great chance of winning. *This was the fairest way we could come up with to try and get registrations out to those wanting to attend – and at $20 it’s not a bad deal.

Visit the link below to find out more information and to purchase your raffle tickets! Good luck!

Your InterAm GMs



Congratulations to our two January drawing winners!

You will be contacted soon to gather additional information for your InterAm 2017 Registrations!

  1. Elisia Simmons – Ticket 75-JANRAF-1011
  2. Tim Richards – Ticket 106-JANRAF-1069

Thank you to everyone for playing!

Your InterAm 2017 Committee


$15 Fee will be reversed


Bimbos and wankers, cheapskates and half-minds of all kinds!

The Hilton Pointe Squaw Peak $15 fee for extra people in booked rooms is being removed! They will have to manually make the changes so it might take some time but it will be done. Please be patient and kind to our hash hotel.

Now, real problems, do you buy a 30 pack of Natural Ice with this surprise $15 windfall or 15 32oz gas station Diet Coke’s which would leave you with change to drop into that little plastic box going to some nearby charity. Do the right thing!

Your InterAm Team


I’m not getting InterAm Emails!

Some registered attendees are not getting our email blasts, and with the resort code coming out on the 21st you’d probably like to get them.

Some web based email hosts may move our email blasts using Mail Chimp to your spam folder.

Please use the following site to assist with your preferred email host, it covers all but AOL:

Quick Gmail help: (Others are similar – Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Compuserve, Pine, etc. – see above links)

  1. In Gmail, click the “Create a Filter” link which is placed just next to the search box.
  2. In the From: field, enter the email addresses, domain names or even actual names of people who you would like to whitelist. You can separate multiple entries using OR (in Caps) or with the bar (|) sign.
    1. Domains using pipe:||
    2. Domains using OR: OR OR
  3. Once your filter is ready, click Next and select “Never Send it to Spam.”
  4. Sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage and watch your Interam emails pour in as smoothly as that beverage feels pouring down your throat.


Your 2017 InterAm Committee

Email FAQ


A Really Important Note About Hotel Booking

We’ve had a few people ask if they or their husband/boyfriend/both could stay at the hotel if they were not registered for the event. Here’s the deal (and we think it’s pretty fucking fantastic):

InterAm 2017 is taking over the entire resort; every room, every casita. The resort will be the central hub for the entire event. Our contract with the hotel let us reserve the entire water park all weekend for just us, some of the hotel bars will be serving our free beer, the open areas will be used for serving food and we are completely taking over the conference rooms. The resort is Inter Americas 2017.

Because of this, we want to be very clear so there are not any misunderstandings or hurt feelings down the road. If you do not have a rego for InterAm you will not be allowed at the hotel. This includes:

  • Reserving a hotel room and just hanging out.
  • Partying in your kennel’s casita and not doing trails.
  • Stopping by to say “hi”.
  • Popping in for a quickie.

Please don’t make us be the bad guy and ask you to leave. Because we will, and that’s no fun for any of us.

Please direct any complaints about this policy to:
Rumson Hash House Harriers Facebook Page

Having said all that….we have decided to send the booking code out directly to registered InterAm participants only. This will still be done at 12:00am on October 21st Arizona Time as stated before. If you book a room and then can’t make InterAm you can sell your rego and transfer your hotel room to the person you sold your rego to. Or cancel and they can get the code from us and book directly with the hotel. Whatever you prefer.

Click here to Google the current time in AZ. We don’t do Daylight Savings Time because we’re not farmers.

Phoenix InterAm Team
#FuckPhoenix #ShitShow2017 #2000Wankers


October 21st for Booking Date!!!

Wankers and bimbos! The time has cum to officially announce the hotel booking date. Due to official hotel mumbo jumbo, the hotel reservation ‘live’ booking date has been bumped back to October 21st.

Joe Hasher: “How does this impact my chances on booking my room at this amazing resort?”

It doesn’t! The beauty of us having the entire resort is that NOBODY can book rooms until this date!  Plus, this gives you more time to decide who you’re going to room with.

Jane Bimbo: “I’m traveling from a land far, far away. How will I know when the rooms can be booked when I’m in another time zone?”

The booking code, which must be used to book a room during our event, will be available in in only one place:  sent out via email to registered attendees. This will all happen at 12:00 am (Arizona time) on October 21st. So for those of you that are going to ask, that’s really late Thursday night/really early Friday morning….however you want to classify it.

Initially, we were going to post the booking info here and on Facebook, but we believe that registered attendees should get first crack at reserving a room, so we are going to do this only by email.

Big Daddy G: “Clearly CUNT doesn’t know who I am. I’m the original hash daddy. Hell, I starred in their reveal video! Surely they’ll make an exception for me. I’m just going to call the hotel direct and book next week. What’s the worst that can happen?”

The poor hotel employee will be very confused and tell you that no such group exists. They don’t have any info on our group yet, so please don’t call. We don’t want to make them angry before we even get there!

You will be able to book online or call to make your reservations which will come in handy as we have some international hashers joining us. Again, the booking code will be announced at 12:00 am on October 21st.



So Close!!!

We’re SO close to being able to book rooms at the resort for InterAm. Watch your email, this website and the Facebook page for updates over the next few weeks.

A few things to remember: 

1. You will be charged for the first night when booking your room.
2. You will not be able to book without the booking code that will be given the day the hotel goes live – no exceptions.
3. Bribery gets you everywhere with CUNT and FellatiNo…..but it won’t get you a room at this amazing hotel. You gotta call or go online to book your room just like everyone else.

If you have any questions about the hotel email me at

If your kennel is interested in hosting a hashpitality suite email Purple Penis Protector at

On-one more year-On!

Your 2017 InterAmericas Mis-Management Team

p.s. If you have any questions that cannot be covered by one of our committees (see committee page), please contact our GM team (see committee page).

Hotel announcement coming soon!!!

We’ll have an announcement coming very soon concerning the hotel/resort for the 2017 InterAmericas Hash in Phoenix, Arizona! You won’t be able to reserve your hotel until a year before the event, but you’ll be able to start planning your 2017 vacation to the Phoenix and Arizona area!  Don’t just spend a few days at InterAm, spend a week or more and make this your summer vacation!


Watch the site for more some major announcements!