Final Newsletter Before InterAm

This is the content of the email that went out at 8:40pm (AZ)


Don’t wanna stand in line for an hour or three?  When you come to check-in, bring your ID!No ID?  No checkin’ in.  Go to the back of the line and try it again.

Okay, I’m done rapping now.

Check-In will be in the Navaho (Navajo) section of the Hohokam Ballroom, next to the Bazaar. Check your Resort Map for location.  Hours are Thursday, 2pm – 8pm, and Friday, 10am – 8pm, with a brief pause at 4pm for trail sign ups.

In order for check-in to go quickly and painlessly, make sure your rego information is up to date.  If you haven’t checked it in a while, do it now.  Five minutes now will save twenty minutes later!  BRING YOUR ID TO CHECK-IN.

If you have any registration or check-in questions, send an email to  Don’t post in the FaceBook page.


Electronic sign-ups for Saturday and Sunday trails will take place starting at 4pm on Friday October 6th, while most of you will already be at the event. They will be handled via, a ticketing platform.

You do not need to download the eventbrite app. To register you only need your name(s), and an email address.

Here is a step-by-step for how this will work:

  1. Use the following two links to sign up, one for each day. These will not work until 4pm on Friday the 6th.

    1. Saturday Sign-up

    2. Sunday Sign-up

  2. The front page will have the list of trails available, with very easy codes corresponding to each. The codes will be trail1, trail2, trail3 and so on. These will be next to the trail listings

  3. Click Tickets at the right of the page. You will be prompted for a code. Enter the code corresponding to your trail. Do not use caps or spaces.

  4. When you type in the code “trail1”, for example, a ticket for Trail 1 will become available. If it does not become available, the trail is full. Try another trail.

  5. If there is a ticket available, select it, and hit checkout. You will be able to select 1 or 2. If you are registering alone, select 1, if you are getting seats on the bus for you and your partner or hash bestie, select 2. Maximum 2 seats per checkout will be available. Make sure you don’t both register each other, see #8.

  6. Follow prompts to check out. Enter all required information. Make sure it matches your Interam registration. You have 8 minutes to check out, after which your ticket(s) will become available to someone else. There is a handy countdown timer, no need to rush.

  7. When you are done signing up for Saturday’s trail, follow steps 1-6 for Sunday’s trail selection. You can choose to sign up for Sunday first if you wish.

  8. IMPORTANT: Only sign up for ONE TRAIL per day! Any multiple sign-ups will result in both sign-ups being removed. Don’t sign up your spouse/FWB/+1 without talking to them, they will be sad when their sign-up is deleted because you doubled them up.

  9. Check your email. You should get a confirmation for your ticket that you can reference if you forget your trail number. Verify that your info is correct on that email.

  10. Sign up before 9pm Friday for Saturday’s trails. We will print the lists then.

  11. Sign up before 9pm Saturday  for Sunday’s trails. If you want to switch trails, cancel your ticket and sign up for another trail.

  12. Don’t panic. If you accidentally sign up for the same day twice, email us at You can also cancel any ticket in error via the email link you will receive.

  13. If you decide to switch trails for Sunday, cancel your ticket via the email you will have received, and register for another one before 9pm (subject to availability).

  14. If you don’t want to sign up at all, you will still likely be able to get on a trail. We have more than enough spots available on trails. Just show up to bus loading. At 10 minutes prior to departure for each bus, waiting hashers will be allowed to take any open spots.




Beer is tapped at Noon on Friday and will be served through Monday’s Closing Circle.

InterAm will provide these fine golden beverages:

On trail  – Saturday and Sunday trails will have cans of the above varieties – no vessel required unless you are a wino!

In the InterAm Hashpitality suites – Kegs will be served. BRING YOUR OWN VESSEL! The 2 Phoenix suites will be cupless, go green. Additional suites may also be cupless. You will be allowed to walk around the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak resort with your own vessel filled with whatever, so do bring one.

From the Hotel – Free keg beer will be served in 5+ bars throughout the resort, during legal serving hours! Servers will allow you to put beverages in your own vessel. Cider and wine will also be available.

In addition, the hotel can sell you all the shots and mixed drinks your drunken heart, err liver, desires. That is on your own dime.

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