Do you know someone who needs a Rego for the 2017 Phoenix InterAmerica’s Hash?

Tell that person to enter a FREE lottery for the opportunity to purchase an InterAm registration! There is NO FEE to enter, but if you win, you must pay for your registration within 7 days or we’ll choose a new winner in your place. You will be notified by email so make sure you type it in correctly.

Enter your hash name(s) into the Order Notes: If you are adding a spouse/partner/etc., please enter their name in the “Order notes” box and select “2” as your quantity – anymore than 2 and all will be removed for your name.

We had set aside a few regos to support our committees, and we’re at a point now where we are sure we don’t need them. That provides an opportunity for someone who doesn’t have one to buy one.

Please share with your friends who do not have a registration!!

These will be sold at the standard InterAm price of $199 per registration. This is money we were expecting to bring in anyway; it’s just a different way to release them which was determined to be more fair to all those who would like to attend, but could not get a registration. There will be no more registrations released, this is it.


Start date for lottery entry: 8/9/2017
End date for lottery entry: 8/16/2017
Announce winners: 8/18/2017
Payment from winners must be received by 8/25/2017


This is only for those who do not already have a registration! (See #4 in this section)
Enter only once! (See #3 in this section)
If you enter more than once, all of your entries will be removed and you won’t be included in the lottery.
If you already have a registration and you attempt to enter the lottery, it will be removed so please make it easier on us and just don’t enter. (We will be comparing the list of entrants to the existing completed registration list.)
This is for people who do not have a registration so please be honest hashers. (See #1 & #4)

The process to enter the lottery is as follows:

Go to this page:
See RULES above
Select 1 or 2 registrations from the drop down – do not select anymore than 2 or all will be removed and you won’t be included in the lottery. 2 is the max because there are couples who want to make sure they’re going together.
Enter ALL of your personal information so if you win 1 or 2 registrations (based on your selection in the drop down), we will already have your details. An email notification will be sent out, please make sure your email is typed correctly or you will miss out. For a second person, just enter their name in the comment box at the “purchase” step.
See RULES above

If you win, you will be notified by all of the following:
A posting of all lottery winners on the 2017 Phoenix InterAm closed Facebook group and 2017 Phoenix InterAmerica’s Hash Facebook page.
A posting of all lottery winners on the InterAm website (
Payment from the winners must be received by the end of the day, Sunday, 8/25/2017. If full payment is not received, another lottery winner will be chosen.
The payment process will be included in your email and posted to the website.



InterAm Lottery

2 thoughts on “REGO LOTTERY!!!

  1. Matthew Kern says:

    I’m having trouble registering for the lottery:

    It states two of the following messages every other time:
    “We were unable to process your order, please try again.”
    “Internal Server Error”

    I want to make sure due to these errors that my name is not added more than once to the lottery.
    Please advise on if I was successful in adding my name to apart of the lottery, and that I WAS successful in adding my name only ONCE.

    • californiacreamin says:

      Hello, please ignore the warning. I’ll clean up duplicates. It is working, but I am also working with the plug-in vendor to resolve that error message. Thank you.

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