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This was also sent out to all attendees via email.  If you did not receive it, please read the registration information and make sure your information is in our system.

Welcome to the May 2017 InterAm Update!  Please monitor our InterAm website ( and FB posts as the event draws ever closer to make sure you are well aware of any updates to the event.  Our mis-management team continues to work diligently to make sure that the 2017 InterAm event is enjoyable to everyone that registered.


If you are selling your rego, you’re silly, but hey, it’s all right, we still love you. Don’t you dare charge any other person in our hashing community even 69 cents over what you paid for it. To recap, everyone paid $199 for their rego. Sell it for that. Or less. If you don’t, you’re a jerk, and people will shame you. G sees all and hashers certainly can’t keep their mouth shut for any number of reasons. Work out payment between yourselves, and when you and the buyer have shaken hands on it, given handies over it, whatever, go into and go through the transfer registration process. Done.

We are monitoring our FB InterAm group and listening to hashers who have complained to make sure no one is selling their registration for more than the face value ($199)  We will stop this abuse by refunding the original amount and removing the offending hasher from InterAm.  Selling your InterAm registration for more than you paid is a dick move, don’t do it.

This decision was based on some un-hash-like behavior.  Please be good hashers.  Thanks.



Is your ticket information up to date and accurate? Better check to make sure! Why is it important?

  • You’ll need a legal ID to check in, and if your nerd name is still showing as “Busted Colostomy Bag,” you’re not going to get in!

  • We are getting ready to negotiate meals, and if you don’t like bacon… wait. Everyone loves bacon, right? Seriously, though. We want to ensure that everyone gets the kind of food they love to eat. Make sure your food preference is correct!

  • What if there are personalized gimmees? You don’t want your hash name to show as “Dudley Does Dookie” instead of “Dudley Does Debbie!”

  • Why spell out your kennel name? Because LBH3 stands for Lost Boobs H3, as well as Long Beach H3. H4 can be Houston H3, Hobart H3, or Hangover H3. Please be kind to our statistical nerds!

How do you check your ticket to make sure it’s accurate? Simple! Click the “Modify My Ticket” link in your Registration Success email! Didn’t think that email was important enough to save? No problem! Go to, click the “Manage My Purchased Tickets” at the top of the page, enter the requested information, and you’ll receive a new email!

IMPORTANT! Admittedly, it’s rather tedious, but if you want your updated information saved, you’re gonna have to do it.

  • Nerd name, address and phone number updated? Make sure you click the “Update” button beneath that section.

  • Food choice, Hash Name, Kennel, or Shirt Size updated? Make sure you click the save button after each answer. Yes, there’s one save button for each question. Just do it!

Registration questions? Please email to


Image result for southwest airlines logo

Phoenix InterAm committee is happy to announce Southwest Airlines as our preferred carrier for our 2017 event!

Beginning on May 15, 2017, Phoenix Interam attendees will receive a discount and bonus Rapid Reward points from Southwest Airlines through our SWABIZ® account. Southwest Airlines is offering a 10% discount off Anytime & Business Select® fares and a 3% discount off select Wanna Get Away® fares for travel to and from the conference. To receive the discount, you must:

1 – Book your travel between  May 15, 2017 & September 15, 2017

2 – Travel to / from Phoenix between September 29, 2017 & October 16, 2017.

Click here to take advantage of the discounted rates and book now!

By flying Southwest Airlines, as a Phoenix Interam traveler, you will also receive 50% bonus Rapid Reward points for your travel to & from the event when you add your Rapid Rewards # to your reservation.

To enroll in the Rapid Rewards program, visit

Plus, Southwest airlines offers:

· No baggage fees (first two bags)

· No change or cancellation fees

You HAVE to use the link above to get the discount. Repeat, you HAVE TO USE THE LINK.

There will NOT be a discount code for you to enter. The discount will be reflected in the prices available to you through this link. Follow the link, save some dollars, and buy yourself a drink on the plane! Or buy me a nice rum drink when you get here.

If you have questions, contact me at

Can’t wait to meet you all,

Sweaty Nipples, Surprise!


A big, warm, wet thank you to all of you that have volunteered to help us on trails! We are working on finalizing trails and will be in touch(!) shortly to loop you or your group in. We’re super excited to work with you and bring you all to some of Arizona’s coolest spots!

Now we know some of you are stupid, but we still love you and would like you to survive our trails. We’ll be releasing a series of short videos with pointers on hashing in Arizona. Please pay extra close attention and share the link with your pals that never read anything.

Contact the trail team at with any questions about trail or the home addresses of the studly actors in our short video.



Phoenix HHH welcomes you to sell your hash goods at the Phoenix InterAm 2017 Bazaar!

By signing up for our Bazaar, you will be provided with an indoor table and chairs to sell your wares to around 2000 attendees, right by InterAm check-in. Yay, air conditioning!

The Bazaar will be open Friday during registration, Saturday, and Sunday. Exact hours are yet to be determined. The room will be locked outside of our business hours.

We do not charge a vendor fee, but ask each participating vendor to donate a fun item to our hashpitality prize package. What kind of item? That’s up to you! (I love shirts, socks, hats, vessels, jewelry, puppies, and all-inclusive trips to Paris, but that’s just me.)

Spot reservations are due no later than August 31! Send your contact information to Jugs Juicy, the Bazaar’s benevolent dictator using the Bazaar form at:

Any other questions regarding the Bazaar? Shoot me an email at


Jugs Juicy

Questions and Comments:

Please visit out contact page on the InterAm website: to contact the appropriate team.

Thank you all for your ongoing support!


Your 2017 InterAm MisManagement Team

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