March Update!

Welcome to the March 2017 InterAm Update.  As the event nears we will be sending out email blasts (done) / site updates (this one) and FB posts (done) directing attendees to the InterAm website (you’re on it!) as often as necessary (once a month?) to make sure you are all aware of any updates to the event.  Our mis-management team has been working diligently to make sure the 2017 InterAm Event is enjoyable for all attendees.


We are sending this email with a request that you review your personal information as listed below on your Phoenix InterAm 2017 registration at  We want to ensure a smooth check-in (photo ID will be required, so make sure your nerd name is your nerd name), that everyone gets to eat the things they like, and receives a shirt that will actually fit them.

In addition, because we are statistical nerds and want to publish all the cool things in the official Magazine, we’re also asking that you fully spell out your Hash Kennel name.  As an example, LBH3 stands for Lost Boobs H3, as well as Long Beach H3, so that can be confusing.  H4 can be Houston H3, Hobart H3, or Hangover H3.  Give us the whole thing!

Please contact Bitch ‘N Hoe at with any questions. On-Thanks-On!”


A big, warm, wet thank you to all of you that have volunteered to help us on trails! We are working on finalizing trails and will be in touch(!) shortly to loop you or your group in. We’re super excited to work with you and bring you all to some of Arizona’s coolest spots!

Now we know some of you are stupid, but we still love you and would like you to survive our trails. We’ll be releasing a series of short videos with pointers on hashing in Arizona. Please pay extra close attention and share the link with your pals that never read anything.

Contact the trail team at with any questions about trail or the home addresses of the studly actors in our short video.


For you wanking pleasure! Phoenix very much wants you to be alive to attend or host the 2019 InterAmerica’s Hash. Safety Third…errr, FIRST!

Safety Video!

Password: safety


We are all waiting for this glorious event to happen, but it’s still 8 months away.

Do you need a little something to wet your whistle? Hold onto your hats Bimbos and Wankers!

We’d like to announce the 7 amazing groups that will be hosting Kennel Hashpitality Suites during the Phoenix InterAm. They will “woo”  you with free drinks and general debauchery that will surely rock your shiggy socks off(!)

In no particular order:

  • DC Road Whores/H5 Shitshow – Come get shitty with the East Coast clusterfuck. They unite as one to remind us that Phoenix Interam 2017 sucks!
  • Lunar H3 – Take a trip to the moon with the assurance that Just Mark Zuckerberg never purchased a rego!
  • San Diego Area Kennels -They are working together to combine So Cal blenders. Always blame Grassy Ass for the shenanigans while simultaneously calling “not it!”
  • LARP H3/NEVER LEAVE CAMP – TNT has two nice tits, and that’s all one needs to know.
  • Black Rock City H3 – Leave the dust at home, but if you are missing the Playa, this is where you’ll want to be. Don’t set anything on fire, no matter what the man tells ya.
  • Madison H3 – After a long drive across the country with a U-haul full of local goodness, Wisconsin will be ready to parrrtttaaayy.
  • Big Hump H3 – They had us at BIG HUMP! 5 St. Louis, MO kennels will team up to bring the Midwest over to the wild wild west to show us why they used five, count’em FIVE exclamations points in their proposal!!!!!

And of course check out both Phoenix InterAm Hashpitality Suites around the clock! See what our local kennels are about. Also, #screwphoenix.

Purple Penis Protector & On the Rag
Hashpitality Committee Leads

Questions and Comments:

Please visit out contacts page on the InterAm website HERE to contact the appropriate team. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support!

Your 2017 InterAm MisManagement Team

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