InterAm 2017 New Year Raffle Announcement!!!

We knew that the 2017 InterAmericas Hash in Phoenix would be popular, but were surprised at the speed by which the registrations and hotel rooms sold out!

All proceeds will go into the general InterAm fund to support the purchase of more beer!!!!! There is no profit at InterAm.  Any funds remaining go to the next InterAm.

Way back when we “won” the “opportunity” to host this event in Phoenix, we held a few registrations back in case it sold out too quickly for the organizers to buy their own… and it sold out really fucking fast… and now that the dust has settled, we are raffling off 2 pairs of 2 registrations for the 2017 InterAm event in October 2017. We will only be selling a maximum of 100 raffle tickets so you have a great chance of winning. *This was the fairest way we could come up with to try and get registrations out to those wanting to attend – and at $20 it’s not a bad deal.

Visit the link below to find out more information and to purchase your raffle tickets! Good luck!

Your InterAm GMs



Congratulations to our two January drawing winners!

You will be contacted soon to gather additional information for your InterAm 2017 Registrations!

  1. Elisia Simmons – Ticket 75-JANRAF-1011
  2. Tim Richards – Ticket 106-JANRAF-1069

Thank you to everyone for playing!

Your InterAm 2017 Committee

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