Trail Sign-Up Info

On Friday, 10/6/2017 at 4pm you will be able to use Eventbrite ( to sign up for all Saturday and Sunday trails. This synopsis pertains only to Saturday and Sunday’s trails. (Friday Welcome Trail and Monday Hangover Trail will be open to every attendee…so you’ll just need to show up!)

Trail Sign-Up Procedure:

Electronic sign-ups for Saturday and Sunday trails will take place starting at 4pm on Friday October 6th, while most of you will already be at the event. They will be handled via, a ticketing platform.

You do not need to download the eventbrite app. To register you only need your name(s), and an email address.

Here is a step-by-step for how this will work:

  1. Use the following two links to sign up, one for each day. These will not work until 4pm on Friday the 6th.
    1. Saturday Sign-up 
    2. Sunday Sign-up
  2. The front page will have the list of trails available, with very easy codes corresponding to each. The codes will be trail1, trail2, trail3 and so on. These will be next to the trail listings
  3. Click Tickets at the right of the page. You will be prompted for a code. Enter the code corresponding to your trail. Do not use caps or spaces.
  4. When you type in the code “trail1”, for example, a ticket for Trail 1 will become available. If it does not become available, the trail is full. Try another trail.
  5. If there is a ticket available, select it, and hit checkout. You will be able to select 1 or 2. If you are registering alone, select 1, if you are getting seats on the bus for you and your partner or hash bestie, select 2. Maximum 2 seats per checkout will be available. Make sure you don’t both register each other, see #8.
  6. Follow prompts to check out. Enter all required information. Make sure it matches your Interam registration. You have 8 minutes to check out, after which your ticket(s) will become available to someone else. There is a handy countdown timer, no need to rush.
  7. When you are done signing up for Saturday’s trail, follow steps 1-6 for Sunday’s trail selection. You can choose to sign up for Sunday first if you wish.
  8. IMPORTANT: Only sign up for ONE TRAIL per day! Any multiple sign-ups will result in both sign-ups being removed. Don’t sign up your spouse/FWB/+1 without talking to them, they will be sad when their sign-up is deleted because you doubled them up.
  9. Check your email. You should get a confirmation for your ticket that you can reference if you forget your trail number. Verify that your info is correct on that email.
  10. Sign up before 9pm Friday for Saturday’s trails. We will print the lists then.
  11. Sign up before 9pm Sunday for Saturday’s trails. If you want to switch trails, cancel your ticket and sign up for another trail.
  12. Don’t panic. If you accidentally sign up for the same day twice, email us at You can also cancel any ticket in error via the email link you will receive.
  13. If you decide to switch trails for Sunday, cancel your ticket via the email you will have received, and register for another one before 9pm (subject to availability).
  14. If you don’t want to sign up at all, you will still likely be able to get on a trail. We have more than enough spots available on trails. Just show up to bus loading. At 10 minutes prior to departure for each bus, waiting hashers will be allowed to take any open spots.


1st Question:  Technology is in bed with Heineken, and I prefer my abacus or at least a dumb-phone, how can I sign up for a trail? I am from another country and have no access to an International plan, what do I do? I don’t know how to work Eventbrite. I will be without cell service or on a plane on Friday.
1st Answer:  Phone a friend. Sidle on up to a millennial and ask for a tutorial or just give them your log in and have them sign you up. 2000 people, you’ve got this. Ask a stranger at a gas station, whatever works. Get their number while you are at it. Ask friends for help. The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak also has a business center with a computer that may be used.

2nd Question:  Will Eventbrite crash with everyone trying to do it(#) at once?
2nd Answer: Eventbrite is a large and proven ticketing system, and it is free! We have no reason to believe there will be an issue there.

4th Question:  I couldn’t get on my first or second choice of trail, they filled up immediately! What do I do?
4th Answer: Truly, we are behind every trail we are throwing, there is not a bad one! An immense amount of work has been put into these trails. If you’d like you can wait for an open spot when the busses load in the morning, but you’re going to end up on a good trail.

5th Question:  Where do I get info on trails?
5th Answer:  Trail summaries are posted here. They are also being printed as part of an event guide.  We planned for walkers on all trails except ballbuster, but some trails are more challenging than others.

F Question:  Why not paper sign ups?
F Answer:  Queues. Physically needing to remove yourself from whatever awesome time you are having to get in said line.

8th Question:  Why Friday at 4pm?
8th Answer:  We expect nearly everyone to be in AZ by then with internet access, few/no more rego transfers, and you have 1-2 sleeps to get on board with whatever you have signed up for. Maybe by Friday you have already hooked up(!) with new and old hasher friends, and if you wish, you can try to get on the same trail.  There should be plenty of capable hashers sitting next to the technologically impaired and willing to help.

9th Question:  I overslept. I changed my mind. I didn’t get on the trail I signed up for. I’m a half-mind, I’m a drunk, and I want to hash!
9th Answer:  Everyone signed up for a trail will need to be on their bus 10 minutes ahead of when it leaves and all checked in with the bus captain. You sign up on Eventbrite and get a spot, it is your seat, and it is promised! But there is a hard(!) line on timing for Saturday/Sunday trails – they will depart in real time, NOT hash time. In the last 10 minutes before the bus departs, anyone not on the bus that signed up for the trail loses their spot, and anyone there that wants to can just get on-on! If you REALLY mess up and oversleep you can always do the Zippy Trail around the hotel, or do the trail that leaves from the hotel at 10 am! That said, the trails are going to be stellar, drag your bruised liver out of bed and fill those busses. It’s worth it.

Remember, signup will not be available until Friday, 10/6/2017 at 4pm