Hotel Booking code sent! Here’s some additional info.

A few minutes before midnight, we queued up the hotel booking email and began sending it to the entire InterAm mailing list. In no particular order, we sent the booking info to all 1800+ addresses. Despite spending the last few days going through the email addresses we have by hand to verify that they were right, we received 21 bounce backs (We are assuming people typo’d their email address during registration or something more technical) It’s not perfect, but it means almost everyone was on even footing to get a room. As of 30 minutes after midnight, all of the casitas are sold, and over 425 of 500+ rooms are gone.

Important Info:

  • If you are booking online, click the link in the email. You don’t need to use the code if you are booking online.  Go to “attendee” and you don’t have to input the code.
  • The system only lets you reserve one casita at a time. Yeah you have to go through checkout for each of them. (sold out)

2 thoughts on “Hotel Booking code sent! Here’s some additional info.

  1. Stiff joint says:

    This BS I didn’t receive the hotel code e-mail until 2:44 AM because the cox e-mail server was hacked
    By the time I received the message and called hotel all the room were booked. I certain a lot of room where multiple booked by local hashers. Got a home like 6 miles away. This Sucks. You better make provision for hashers at other hotel.
    Not a happy camper!

    • californiacreamin says:

      Hello Stiff Joint,

      Very sorry to hear your Cox email server was not working properly. The hotel booked extremely quickly, as did the registrations when released…as you know. We can only do what we can do.

      There were some kennels who purchased numerous rooms for their kennels due to casitas selling out in pieces very quickly. We do not know of locals purchasing multiple rooms. I’ve only spoken with a few people who purchased a room more than they needed to make sure others in their kennels had a room.

      There is another Hilton hotel nearby, as well as other hotels that you can find by looking at Google. The other Hilton also has a shuttle to the InterAm hotel.

      The website will be updated (as well as FB) with additional information as it comes in.

      Please use our contact page to reach out to the correct team. I am not logged into this site more than a few times per week.

      Thank you,
      California Creamin’

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