I’m not getting InterAm Emails!

Some registered attendees are not getting our email blasts, and with the resort code coming out on the 21st you’d probably like to get them.

Some web based email hosts may move our email blasts using Mail Chimp to your spam folder.

Please use the following site to assist with your preferred email host, it covers all but AOL:

Quick Gmail help: (Others are similar – Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Compuserve, Pine, etc. – see above links)

  1. In Gmail, click the “Create a Filter” link which is placed just next to the search box.
  2. In the From: field, enter the email addresses, domain names or even actual names of people who you would like to whitelist. You can separate multiple entries using OR (in Caps) or with the bar (|) sign.
    1. Domains using pipe:  mailchimp.com|phoenixhhh.org|phoenixhhh.com
    2. Domains using OR: mailchimp.com OR phoenixhhh.org OR phoenixhhh.com
  3. Once your filter is ready, click Next and select “Never Send it to Spam.”
  4. Sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage and watch your Interam emails pour in as smoothly as that beverage feels pouring down your throat.


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5 thoughts on “I’m not getting InterAm Emails!

  1. Can you advise me the email address that the Booking Code will come from so I can add to my comcast contacts address list .
    I need to ensure because I haven’t received emails from the interam and have been watching the website only.

    • californiacreamin says:

      Hello, sorry for the delay. Not sure why we didn’t see this earlier since we were in here working. Please email us directly using the contact page – use the hotel info. However; the hotel sold out in about an hour. There are other options available so please email the hotel information email.

  2. Carmen Greer says:

    This is from Did you bite my penis – I bought 2 regos – I am on whos cunning list – S&M&M is not. She has received no emails, and has not received a registration number to update preferences …..ie…..food, shirt size, etc…… her contact info is attached. My email is XXX@email.com (I removed your email so it wouldn’t get picked up by those horrible little troll bots).

    • californiacreamin says:

      Hello DYBMP, If both registrations were purchased using the same email it won’t appear as two. I’ll check. The best way to reach the group who can help you best is to use the contacts page and contact the registration team. I will check and email you. On-On, California Creamin’

    • californiacreamin says:

      I found both of your registrations and you are all good. Unfortunately we have had miserable luck with Yahoo accounts. Can you email the GM email account interamgmteam@phoenixhhh.org and let me know if you have a non-Yahoo account we can use for you? Thank you, California Creamin’

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