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This is the best YouTube video on it I’ve seen, although they don’t do a Mount Doom in the middle as the last (and more full) cup. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ltryyeSxEQ

Short points
*pass to the right and you can only MORDOR! someone to your right
*only two people are “playing” at a time meaning there are two empty cups on the table
*last cup to be drank is “Mount Doom” in the middle which is a shot of liquor or full cup of beer…or whatever
*when you make it in your first bounce, pass it to anyone on the table, typically next to the person trying to bounce their ball in
*when you make it in anytime after your first bounce, you must pass to your right
*when you “beat” the person to your right meaning you make it in your cup before they make it in their cup, you slap their cup and holler MORDOR!
*the person that got MORDORED grabs a cup from the middle, drinks it, and then that is their new empty cup to continue trying to make the ball into
*when you MORDOR! someone, you pass your empty cup to the person two spots to the right of you while that poor MORDORED! sap is drinking
*if you make your ball into one of the cups with beer in it in the middle accidentally, you must drink that beer and then that cup becomes your new empty cup

Unofficial MORDOR?!!! Nonsense
*great for including a large amount of people and perfect to jump in or out of at any point, no need to stay in a whole game, or you can just waltz up and start playing
*high energy/exciting/hollering/throwing shit =”s fun
*you’re “winning” if you drink or if you don’t drink, it’s a drinking game, and if you don’t get that, stop being the debbie downer at the party anyway
*stunt drinkers work easily
*be careful so you don’t break the table or break all of the cups/balls if that is a worry
*liquor MORDOR! and strip MORDOR! always end poorly or awesomely, again, you’re a damn fool if you don’t get that your attitude determines the time you have in life (usually)
*dead spots on the table will get you every single time
*wearing MORDOR!!! is sensational
*always keep balls and cups in your vehicle or on your person, you just never know
*3-4 person MORDOR!!! is a fantastic/pukey ideal, duh, if it’s worth it depends on your schedule and desire for your day
*of course it’s not hygienic, and if that’s of concern, certainly bow out