Full Moon Hash


We hash every day there is a full moon.  Check the Big Assed Calendar for dates, times, locations.  Hash Cash: $8.  Bonafied* virgins are free.

* Bonified virgins are people who have never hashed anywhere before.  Ever.

Age of attendees:  21+, but Chitlins are allowed if they are with their parent/guardian

If you would like to hare a full moon run, please contact Bitch ‘N Hoe at the_bnh@yahoo.com or message Nanayo Bidness on Facebook.

Some Guidelines for Full Moon Hares:
  • Full Moons generally start at a park because hash beer is provided prior to trail.
  • If running on a Sunday through Thursday, try and start “hares away” at 7:00.
  • If running on a Friday or Saturday, try and have “hares away” so that we can see the moon at some point during the hash. We aren’t, after all, called the Full Moon Hash for nothing!
  • Run cost should be set at $8.
  • Hares are expected to pay hash cash.
  • If you want to have something “extra” (including brown bags), that’s fine – you can either do it out of pocket or increase the run cost.
  • We generally do not obtain beer permits.  If you feel it necessary, contact Bitch ‘N Hoe.
  • Hares will be reimbursed $1 for each person who shows up for beer near beer, or the amount they spent on beer near beer, whichever is less. Receipts to be provided.
  • If the hare wishes, the hash will provide the beer near beer. Just let Bitch ‘N Hoe know ahead of time which way you plan to go.
  • Since we’re already charging $8, beer nears should preferably not be at a bar where people have to fork out even more money.
  • Good beer will be provided by the hash before and after trail.
  • Yellow Food and Spicy Bean Dip will be provided by the hash prior to circle.
  • Circle gets introduced by the hare from the previous month. After giving the current month’s hare their down down, the current month’s hare will run circle. If the current hare does not wish to do it, Bitch ‘N Hoe will run circle.
  • Any questions, contact Bitch ‘N Hoe.

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