BASH Haring Guidelines

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When do we BASH and some general guidelines for haring:

Please remember that the BASH is 21 years of age an older.  There will be alcohol and even though you may love your under 21 friend or child, they cannot join us.  Please help us stay out of trouble. 

Winter – days:

  • Months: October – May
  • Day of the month:  Second Sunday
  • Time: 1130am
  • Length:  10-18 miles
  • Type: Trail – see Marks section
  • Lights:  Not necessary since we’re riding during the day

Summer – nights:

  • Months:  June – September
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Length:  8-10 miles
  • Type:  Group bar ride with a food stop mixed in – food stop can be a bar
  • Lights:  Light up your bikes with colorful lights!!!


When should I do the first beer stop?

A Beer Near at the BASH just means we are stopping to drink beer/wine/etc. out of the cooler pulled in the beer chariot. It is an honor to pull the chariot, you are the protector of the golden nectar. Take this job seriously, we take our booze seriously!  We normally stop in a park for a BN, but any area we can stop and safely consume a tasty beverage is a good BN.

Over the past years (started in May, 2011) we’ve figured out that 2.5-3 miles is a good stop for our first Beer Near because most flats, breakdowns occur within that distance and we can assist those riders at that BN.

Brunch/Food stop: 

  • Make sure that the restaurant is bicycle friendly
  • Safe place to park and lock up our bicycles
  • Pick a moderately priced bar/restaurant that serves brunch items & alcohol


Keep it simple.  It’s difficult to stop often to make

IMGP1171-300x262 Check – The trail will continue in any one of 369 degrees (Except from whence you came)
IMGP1172-150x300 Mark – You may be going the right way! – 3 of these and you are on trail…it may not be the correct trail, but it is a trail you should follow.
IMGP1173-255x300 Turn – You may be going the right way, but to the left or to the right – works with the above mark and is included in the 3 marks required to let you know you may be on the correct trail.
IMGP1177-300x199 Beer Near (BN) – There is beer near (See chariot)
IMGP1175-300x249 False Trail – Go back to the last check and look again
IMGP1181-175x300 True Trail – only the hares can lay this mark
 S6 Song Check – Stop, wait for X number of hashers, sing hash song when X is satisfied
IMGP1180-300x263 Hold Check – Stop, wait for X number of hashers, start checking for trail when X is satisfied
IMGP1179-300x118 Check Back –
 FN Food Near (FN) – Brunch / Lunch stop
 ON-IN On-In – Trail is over.  Go Home.


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