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2008 Phoenix Idiotarod

From the Phoenix New Times blurb:

It’s fair to say that last year’s inaugural Phoenix Idiotarod was a success. No bodies were impaled or skulls busted open during the human-powered, urban shopping-cart race. But who knows what’ll happen when the dumb-a-thon returns to the pothole-heavy downtown streets? Is this a measure of success? Well, that’s up to interpretation. No matter what we think, feel free to be a fool by, uh, borrowing a shopping cart, dressing in costume, and recruiting some fellow partners in low IQ for the ’08 version.


All this for the low, low price of $6 and our dignity!

This isn’t an inclusive photo set, just some images I thought were interesting from those photos posted immediately after the race. Still sorting out the photo credits…

Additional Photos:
Luuuger’s photos
Phoenix New Times slide show   (Slide 5 is 5 Girls 1 Cart)

Photo Credits:

The Winners

The hashers kicked ass this weekend though we were all guilty of racist behavior. We took first and second place, although WMD would have been a strong contender for the win had they not skated right past the final challenge. Even more impressive since they were racing on 3 wheels and a duct tape nub by the end of it.

DSCN6077_650First Place: Leg Humper Express – Note the aerodynamic alpine skis, lightweight cart, dynamic baffling, quality climbing ropes & harnesses and a beer in each hand. Note the decorating party supplanted by a Friday evening drunk. Hash training at it’s finest.DSCN6074_fSecond Place: 5 Girls 1 Cup – No. Just no. Somewhere, off in a corner, mankind silently weeps.

Third Place: WMD

The Race . . .

Race Start Leg Humper Express takes the immediate lead

Tightrope Challenge

Final Challange: eat a radish / shot of whiskey This was the worst radish in the history of the world.

Finish Line

The Others . . .



Urban Hair

Urban Hair & 5 Girls 1 Cup

Swim Team

Pimps & Hos

Secret Service

Luuger’s mystery find: 1 cross

Us Again . . .