Lager of Love

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ìProviding Hashers an opportunity to give back, other than just pissing on trail.î


Lager of Love is a philanthropy group started in November 2013 within the local Phoenix area hashes to provide hashers an opportunity to give back to the local community. Lager chooses, promotes, and organizes charity fundraising and volunteers events.

Nearly all funds and volunteer hours are provided by Phoenix area Hashers and all go to the local Phoenix/Arizona chapters of charitable causes and groups.

To assure we cover the varied interests of the Phoenix hashers, Lager chooses a different charity type each successive quarter and avoids repeating charity types within a year. The charity types include (but not limited to)

Animal Homeless
Childrenís Veteranís
Environmental Womenís



Lager collects at most Phoenix hashes and holds fundraising efforts such as the Lager of Love Hashing calendar or Hasher-brewed beer raffle. Lager members can be identified signage explaining the current quarterís charity (and they could be wearing their green Lager capes!). Lager realizes not all people want to donate monetarily so they also welcome donations of time/effort, materials (such as goods to give to the homeless), or anything useful to charities.


Activities & Accomplishments

Membership & Members

The Lager of Love is open to any hasher. To join and stay in the Lager of Love group, each member must do two of three following items each quarter (one item can be done more than once to count toward the two ñ ie: goes to two Lager meetings):

  • Attend one Lager of Love meeting
  • Collect at two hashes
  • Participate in a volunteer event

*Members are also expected to participate in online questionnaires/polls.

Active Members

Bitch ‘N Hoe – Grand Mattress Oh Shit Not Again
???? ñ Treasure Seeker My Ass is Thor
Sweaty Nipple Surprise – Sexretary Road Poker
Anal Beaching Silence of the Clams
ATM Spermin Williams
Dicked by a Chick Stich-n-Bitch
Honey Badgerer Two-Thirds Rule
Grandpa-s Next


Please consider donating to or joining the Lager of Love! If you have questions, please ask any Lager member at your next hash or contact Bitch ‘N Hoe on the Lager Facebook page,, or email her at