2012 RDR – Who Came?

# Hash Name Home Hash Meal
1 Shut my fucking pie hole PH3 Meat
2 California Creamin’ PH3 Veggie
3 Twisted Pink Tour Lost Boobs Hash Meat
4 Poop Shooter PH3 Meat
5 Cummin’ Round D’s Mountains PH3 Meat
6 Bendover Dipstick PH3 Meat
7 Just Jam It PH3 Meat
8 Cherry Picker PH3 Meat
9 Hole Miner’s Daughter PH3 Meat
10 40 Year Old Sirgin PH3 Hump’D Meat
11 Blinded by Boobs PH3 Meat
12 Dances with Dildos PH3 Meat
13 Naughty Bi Nature PH3 Veggie
14 Pounding Father Lost Boobs Meat
15 Stitch n Bitch PH3 Veggie
16 Just Venus PH3 Veggie
17 A Star is Porn PH3 Veggie
18 Tranny Granny PH3 Veggie
19 On The Rag Lost Boobs Meat
20 Just Brendan (On The Rag) Lost Boobs Meat
21 I’ll Pack Her Lost Boobs Meat
22 Just Chrissy PH3 Meat
23 Just Heidi PH3 Meat
24 Fresh n Queasy Lost Boobs Veggie
25 Donkey Dildo Delight PH3 Veggie
26 Whore’s Whisperer Lost Boobs Meat
27 Just Chrissy R PH3 Veggie
28 Ass To Mouth Lost Boobs Meat
29 Yeastie boy Lost Boobs Meat
30 My Precious PH3 Meat
31 Menstrual Psycho PH3 Meat
32 Cardboard Conception PH3 Meat
33 Nippironies Lost Boobs Meat
34 Happy Birthday Fuck You!!! PH3 Meat
35 Brown Eye Girl PH3 Meat
36 Reed My Lips Lost Boobs Meat
37 Penis Colada PH3 Veggie
38 Just Travis PH3 Hump’D Meat
39 Sweaty Nipples, Surprise! PH3 Meat
40 Just Jennifer PB3 Veggie
41 Cum Again?? PH3 Meat
42 Chapter 6 Verse 9 Lost Boobs Meat
43 Little Dinghy PH3 Meat
44 Just Dustin PH3 Meat
45 Grandpa’s Next Las Cruces H3 Meat
46 Ugly Naked Guy PH3 Meat
47 Cereal Bitcher Lost Boobs Meat
48 Pennis the Menace Lost Boobs Meat
49 Me So Porny Lost Boobs Meat
50 No Nooky PH3 Meat
51 Just Elaine PH3 Meat
52 Pubic Offender Cincinnati Meat
53 Just Traci Lost Boobs Meat
54 Just Bree PH3 Veggie
55 Crotch of Darkness LBH Meat
56 2×4 Howlin’ H3 Meat
57 Somebody Ate My Meat SDH3 Meat
58 2-4-6-8 Someone Help Me Masterbate Las Cruces H3 Meat
59 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better Las Cruces H3 Meat
60 Buoy Boobs Lost Boobs Meat
61 Scantily Clad Cumrade Sir Walter Raleigh H3 Meat
62 Just Kalon Lost Boobs Meat
63 Just Serena PH3 Meat
64 Anal Beads PH3 Meat
65 Tortoise Coitus PH3 Meat
66 Shrimp Skanky Humpin’ Meat
67 Ballzheimers DC Rouge Meat
68 Leaning Hard LBH3 Veggie
69 It’s a Small Tool After All PH3 Meat
70 Just Gina M PH3 Meat
71 Cock Shock Therapy EPH3 Meat
72 Frosty the Blowman Humpin’ Meat
73 The Incestigator Phoenix Full Moon Meat
74 Just Anna Lost Boobs Meat
75 Duchess of Dumb Axe PH3 Meat
76 Just Jimmy PH3 Meat
77 Total Flamer PH3 Veggie
78 Just Jessica PH3 Veggie
79 Cheap Piece of Ass SD area hashes Veggie
80 Just Sallie PH3 Veggie
81 Just Jason C Lost Boobs Meat
82 Junkyard LV Sin City H3 Meat
83 Honor-n-off-her PH3 Meat
84 Funky Monkey Spunk jHavelina Meat
85 Rodeho jHavelina Meat
86 Can’t Rush Anal SFH3 Meat
87 Sancho PH3 Veggie
88 Scratch and Sniff Long Beach H3 Meat
89 My Dick Hurts jHavelina Meat
90 Casual Friday Bay2Beaches Veggie
91 B-Flat Phoenix Meat
92 Victoria Phoenix Meat
93 DILF Hunter Lost Boobs Meat
94 Blocox jHavelina Veggie
95 All The Way H3 Meat
96 Only Half There H3 Meat
97 Ass Jabber Las Cruces H3 Veggie
98 World Wide Whore New Orleans H3 Meat
99 Just Dave H PH3 Veggie
100 Just CK LBH Meat
101 Just Rodney PH3 Meat
102 Token Ese LBH Meat
103 Out Of Order PH3 Meat
104 Honey Badgerer PH3 – Donkey Punch Meat
105 Dirty Ass Dawg DC Road Whores Veggie
106 Beat By A Girl Phoenix Full Moon Meat
107 Gold Medal Gagger Phoenix Hump D’Hash Meat
108 MC Pee Pants PH3 Meat
109 Skidmark NYCH3 Meat
110 Sex Oh-Fence LBH Meat
111 Fix A Flat LBH Meat
112 Frigid Hole Oregon Kahuna HHH Meat
113 12 Gauge Urethra Huachuca H3 Meat
114 Just Kate PH3 Meat
115 Just Riley PH3 Meat
116 Bitch ‘N Hoe Phoenix Full Moon Meat
117 TI Joe PH3 Meat
118 Grassy Ass San Diego H3 Veggie
119 Riding Zamboner JH3 Meat
120 Gotta Bitch PH3 Meat
121 Contract Cummer PH3 Meat
122 Rock Out With My Cock Out Huachuca H3 Meat
123 CamAl Toe Huachuca H3 Meat
124 Give The Bitch A Ring PH3 Meat
125 Just Kevin (DJ) PH3 Meat
126 Gung Ho Huachuca H3 Meat
127 Cin-No-Man Huachuca H3 Meat
128 My Shame Will Keep Me Warm PH3 Meat
129 In The Butt Bob JH3 Meat
130 Hairy Pooper PH3 Meat
131 Dick in a Dirty Box PH3 Meat
132 S&M&M&M JH3 Meat
133 Did You Bite My Penis? JH3 Meat
134 Just Melissa Yuma H3 Meat
135 Lil Scroat Yuma H3 Meat
136 Steady Teddy JH3 Meat
137 Brazilian Stacks JH3 Meat
138 Just Charles None Meat
139 The Father, The Sister, and The Holy Vibrator JH3 Meat
140 Just Kristen Lost Boobs Meat
141 Just Casey PH3 Meat
142 Riding Zamboner JH3 Meat
143 Spermuccino JH3 Meat
144 Just Julie PH3 Hump D’Hash Meat
145 Balled Guy JH3 Meat
146 Just Anthony Lost Boobs Hash Meat
147 Just Diane Lost Boobs Hash Meat
148 Missionary Impossible SFH3 Meat
149 The Lady In Red SDH3 Meat
150 Dolly Barter Canada Meat
151 Just Michelle PH3 Meat