Throw down Thursday Hash


Age of Attendees:  21+

Henceforth, the 2nd and 4th Thursdays shall have a throw down hash…except when there is a full moon hash….

Throw down was started in 2013 by Sidewalk Slap.  He thought there wasn’t enough race-ism in the PH3 and wanted a hash to match the mileage of the hump and beyond.  So…he created a hash that was non-stop, checks? that only slows us down, whichy-ways would be the only marks used. He insisted instead of the usual 2 hare system, why not implement a 1 hare system in which that hasher has to carry the beer and flour(!) AND go through multiple hares and beer nears. He he named it the throwdown hash, a fierce name to describe the tough, rigorous nature of the hash.

Just kidding he stole the idea from the long beach throwdown.

Founders of the hash: A Star Is Porn, Aftertaste The Rainbow(first hare), All Sticky, Anal Beads, Bagged Some Cock, Bitch Commander, Jugs Juicy, My Ass Is Thor, Sand Job, Sidewalk Slap, Top Gun, Tranny Granny, Up In Cider

Check the BIG ASS CALENDAR for the next Throwdown Hash!