Hello Titties Shirt Orders

Orders as of: 1/30/2015


NOTICE: If you ordered this shirt and are outside of the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, the shipping cost is on you. I will contact you concerning the additional amount needed to ship your order. If you want to figure that out for yourself, please determine the cost using USPS from zip code 85040 and add those funds to your paypal payment. Thank you.

Pink Tank Top

Hash Name Size Local To PH3 Qty
 Christopher Robin’s Bitch  L  No  1
 Lips  S  No  1
 Gang Bang Me Bloody 2XL  No  1
 Fisted Til I Puke  M No  1
 Just Mij L Yes  1
 Cheddar Nips L Yes  1
 Tits for Tat M Yes  2
 Fecal Flyer L Yes  1
Mother Pucker XS Yes  1
 Just Claire S Yes  1
 Just Darcie S Yes  1
 Frigid Hole L Yes  1
 Just Whitney S Yes  1
Crapper Napper S Yes  1
 I Punched A Kid M Yes  1
 Isuck Newton XS Yes  1
 Uncle Jholio XL No 1
 A Star is Porn M Yes 1
 Just Megan  S Yes 1
Ska-Skank Redemption S No 1

Gray Tech (dry wick) Shirt

Hash Name Size Local to PH3 Qty
 Rub Her Duckie  XL  No 1
 Down Low n Dirty XL Yes 1
 Gang Bang Me Bloody 2XL  No 1
Silence of the Clams M Yes 1
 Fisted Til I Puke  M No 1
 Just Mij L Yes 1
 Drill It Fill It Marry It L No 1
 Cookie Monster L Yes 1
 California Creamin’ L Yes 1
California Creamin’ M Yes 1
 Tranny Granny XL Yes 1
 Boxxxed Lunch M Yes 1
 Arab in the Rafters M Yes 1