Donkey Punch Hash

Donkey_Punch_Cooler_2The Donkey Punch Hash and Burro-cracy consists of official Donkey Punch Hashes, rogue (Wild Ass) events and Beer Miles.

The three yearly Donkey Punch events are

  • Payson Campout at Camp Borracho
  • Hash of Shame
  • Whimper O’Lympdics

All other months are available as rogue hashes or beer miles. The people who help out the most are given first dibs to put on their own hash on available weekends.

Age of Attendees:  21+


2018 Punches

January 27
February 24
March 24
April 28
May 26
June 23

Donkey Punch Imbible Camp Payson Campout

July 28
August 25
September 22
Donkey Punch Hash of Shame
October 27
November 24
December 22
*This would be a good day for spew-a-thon  Donkey Punch Whimper O’Lympdics

2017 Punches

January 28
February 25
March 25
 Whimper O’Lympdics Drinknar
April 22
May 27
June 24

Imbible Camp Payson Campout

July 22
August 26
September 23
Hash of Shame
October 28
November 25
December 23
*This would be a good day for spew-a-thon  Whimper O’Lympdics

2016 Punches

January 23
February 27
March 26
#61 Full Moon #62 Drinknar #63 Easter Keg Hunt
April 23
May 28
June 25
#64 Beer Mile / Public Display. Paradise Valley Park #65 #66
July 23
August 27
September 24
#67 Imbible Camp Payson Campout
#68 Hash of Shame #69 Midnight River Run
October 22
November 26
December 24
#70 Beer Mile / LVRDR Invasion #71 Beer Mile / Sloshball / Bad Decisions #72 Literally Christmas Eve
Chinese food and a run

2015 Punches

January 24
February 28
March 28
Some kind of hash. I don’t remember. We probably drank and ran. Drinknar Del Campout Crown King Run Aid station and Campout
April 25
May 23
June 27
Beer Mile Flagstaff Rogue hash Honey Bitch Celebrates Gay Marriage
July 25
August 22
September 26
Imbible Camp

Donkey Punch Payson Campout
Midnight River Run Hash Around the Globe
October 24
November 28
December 26
Las Vegas RDR / Beer Mile rogue hash  Sloshball / Bad Decisions Whimper O’limpdicks

Other Punch Things

  • Lots Boobs Towels $14
  • Jewsday Brewsday Hash
  • Beer Miles
  • Hashers in Heat


None. We just make this shit up as we go.

Beer Mile: Don’t Touch Medic
Things: Donkey Dildo Delight
Other Things: Trifuckta


Four scores and seven beers ago our founders created a hash, conceived in intoxication, and dedicated to the proposition that beer is the answer. They believed that hashing could lead to sexual congress with their fellow hashers.

Now these Hares, who have laid a trail through shiggy and fair paths have used their half-minds so that those who followed them might find beer. It is altogether fitting and proper that we, the pack, reward them with down-downs.


We’d like to welcome all of the visitors from Hashes far and wide and apologize up front for the low quality of our Hash. May your low standards and undiscerning senses save you from further insult. I assure you, it was better last time.

We would also like to welcome all of the virgins and congratulate them on being able to call themselves virgins again, probably for the first time since they were 14 years old, or when their father drunkenly stumbled into their bedroom that fateful night.


  • Rule 1: The RA is always right.
  • Rule 2: If the RA is wrong, see rule #1
  • Rule 3: This is not a race. Front Running Bastards, Race-ists and not drinking will not be tolerated. If anybody is watching.
  • Rule 4: Short cutting is OK, getting caught short cutting is a serious offense.
  • Rule 5: Intelligence is neither required nor appreciated at the Hash.
  • Rule 6: There is no rule 6.
  • Rule 7: Peeing, drinking and sex on trail are all acceptable Hash behaviors and will be graded. Furthermore, nudity is encouraged. Unless you get caught. Then we’ve never seen you before in our lives.
  • Rule 8: All penalties, real or imagined are to be reported in circle and a down-down is to be taken, in accordance with the RA’s mood.
  • Rule 9: Special awards will be given out for being exceptional. For instance: Exceptionally stupid, exceptionally dangerous, exceptionally drunk, etc.



At the end of 2010, a lone hasher stood up at mismangement and proclaimed that starting in January, a new hash would be born.  It would be a new, harmonious event for hashers to gather at to run and drink. It was founded in the spirit of camaraderie. Directly after this proclamation, which eventually became the Lost Boobs Hash, Donkey stood up and announced the creation of this shitbag of a hash.