PH3 “Crankwankers” BASH


Welcome to the Phoenix “Crank Wankers” Bikes, Beer & Brunch Bike Hash.

Age of attendees:  21+ 

Haring a BASH?  Check out the haring guide here.

We are (as always) a non-competitive group of people looking for a fun time on our bikes, drinking some delicious beverages and exploring parts of the city on our bicycles. Any bike is welcome as long as you are comfortable riding it on relatively flat surfaces for up to 15 miles which is quite easy on a bike, plus we have stops along the way.

Kids are also welcome as long as they can keep up. If kids are present there may not be as many fun songs at circle (when we have it), but we’ll adjust our behavior as needed.

When do we bash?

Once per month:

  • SUMMER: Second Saturday night of the month –  during the summer months (6pm) – (June – September)
  • WINTER: Second Sunday of the month –  mornings during the winter months (1130am) – (October – May)

So, what is a bash or bike hash? A bike hash, or “bash” is a bunch of people (“bashers” or “hounds”) cycling around in an area suitable for street/easy biking following dollops of flour or chalk as we normally do while hashing. It has the same rewards as hashing…beer, down-downs, trail crimes, debauchery and maybe some yellow food. We have had live hares so far and tend to give them a 15-20 minute head start as is standard with most live hared hashes.

The hash marks for the BASH are much simpler than our usual hashes. We need to make sure our bikers are safe and would rather not have checks which would require a basher to remove their hands from the handlebars while riding.

Our BASH is currently a no cost event as long as the BYOB remains a viable option. We have a beer chariot (as long as California Creamin’ shows up) that can carry plenty of the golden nectar and snacks. Learn how to build your own trailer here! We bike hash once a month on the second Sunday (during winter – see summer hours above) early enough where it is somewhat cool-ish and finish up at a local spot for brunch/lunch depending on what time we finish. What do you need?

  • Bicycle in good riding condition – if not, visit one of our favorite bike shops in the valley – RAGE CYCLES
  • Repair kit – extra tube, pump, tools, etc. – Many have these, but it’s good to have your own and knowing how to repair your bike is important too.
  • Helmet – be safe!
  • Bell – not necessary, but good to have
  • WATER – Either a Camelbak or plenty in regular bottles
  • Beverage of choice – You are welcome to carry it yourself, but if the chariot is available there should be room and plenty of ice
  • Low expectations as is typical with any and all hash activities!

We held our first CrankWanker bash in May of 2011 and had a super time!

Our Founders:

CrankWanker Founders - 5/2011
CrankWanker Founders – 5/2011



  1. California Creamin’
  2. My Clit Talks
  3. Meat me on I-10
  4. Ceiling Fan
  5. Just Jennifer
  6. Shut My Fucking Pie Hole
  7. Just Brian
  8. Gotta Bitch
  9. Contract Cummer
  10. Cock Taco
  11. Cardboard Conception
  12. Mother Pucker
  13. Menstrual Psycho
  14. Cum Again?? – took picture
  15. Just X
  16. Just Y


Check the Big Ass Calendar for upcoming dates.