Just a Hash on Tuesday (JHOT)



Age of attendees:  21+ 

To ensure we don’t have a day of rest, and because Sundays were already taken, the dynamic duo of Sweaty Nipples, Surprise! and Dicked by a Chick created the Just a Hash on Tuesday – or as it is now more affectionately known, JHOT.

It started out in September of 2013 as once a month hash, with a motto of “Keep it Simple” and the desire to explore (and deflower) virgin bars and unexplored trails.  The hasher’s excitement for this activity has made this hash so popular it went bi.  Monthly that is.

JHoT runs every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month and is an A to A hash.

Hash cash is $1 and you may even get a beer near with that!

There may or may not be any religion after, dependent on just how shitty the trail was.


View the Big Ass Calendar for JHOT hashes!