LBH Hash Trash #152

Lost Boobs Hash Trash #152

Zipp’s (No, not that one. Oops, not there, either. The one on Indian School.)

November 25, 2013


To A.S. Gispert, whom we fondly call “G” for beginning the noble tradition of the hare and hound run, originating in 1938 from the Hash House in Malaysia which d/evolved into what we know as hashing;

We give thanks.

To 95 of our closest friends (including 7 virgins), whom we hold close to our bosom, or our crotch or both if they allow, for shenanignans, nudity, keeping us safe from cars, bicycles, trains, homeless dogs and strange people wandering around aimlessly in the dark;

We give thanks.

To the online thesaurus, for terms such as cock-up, cockamamie, cocksucker, cockadoodle-doodoo, cock knocker, cockfest, cockpit, with which to accurately describe the trail;

We give thanks.

To the hares, Cock Taco and Massage M’Cock, for leaving ample, correct marks, and fucking us only in a good way, hiding brown bags, but not too well, leading us not astray but directly to BN and shortly thereafter to ON-IN,

We give them NO thanks.

To Google Earth, which gives free maps for the purpose of planning trails, BNs and locating ON-INs a reasonable distance (i.e. less than a mile would be awfully nice; a matter of blocks would be ideal) from the originating bar;

We give thanks.

To the universe, for the exceptional, enigmatic process that magically converts sugar to alcohol, which hydrates tired bodies, quenches immense thirsts, fuels friendships and hookups, eases pains and erases memories;

We give thanks.

To the jungle gym at BN, for providing Galloping Gecko and I Punched A Kid the opportunity to demonstrate acrobatic 69;

We give thanks.

To our hands, both left and right, sometimes numb, or with feeling, that are used to deliver self-solace in moments of solitude;

We give spanks.

To power-hungry mismanagement types, Whore’s Whisperer, Sex Oh Fence, Upper Cunt, Princess Labia, Donkey Dildo Delight, Pornholio, and all the rest, for feeding their narcissistic natures as the center of attention at chalk talk and circle, for bringing us food and drink to replenish our bodies and spirits, for organizing namings, towels, freebies and events, for reminding us loudly and often to PAY HASH CASH OR ELSE;

We give thanks.

To whomever/whatever you give thanks to, for whomever/whatever you are thankful for;

Let them know.


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