LBH Hash Trash #147

Lost Boobs #147 Hash Trash

October 21, 2013


The purpose of this belated hash trash is to commemorate a (probably, maybe) once-in-a-lifetime event: Receiving a hash name. Hash naming is very special, since it occurs only once in a hasher’s life. Just ask Anal Beaching/Pip Squirt/Pip Squeak/Just Kristi.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I even gave myself another hash name, but I only use it at luaus.)

This particular hash included the naming of Just Chris. Just Chris loudly and frequently proclaimed his distaste of commitments and his adoration of gingers. Therefore, he shall forever be known as:

NeXXXt Best Fling

Congratulations!! May you always be single for the skirt chaser run, and well, for that matter, always single.

Since I’m here anyway (even though my ONLY self-imposed criteria when I started writing hash trash was that the last issue be published before the next LBH) here are some other notables from LBH #147.

The “official” hares were Moany Hawk and Hot Pocket. One secret hare was visiting from OCONUS and left clues along the way: Vinegar and Jager: was it Galloping Ghecko? No. Bacon, real and fake: was it M.C. Pee Pants? YES!! You may have received a grope or hug or both at BN.

Another secret hare assisted with a circle jerk. About 10 FRBs took off on about a mile run around a circle that took them back to the original trail. Interestingly, The Inferior Hulk insisted on running it, even when the secret hare suggested it was a trick. Additionally, some wankers had the audacity to question the secret hare and her suggestion that they avoid the additional running. Obviously, this hare often receives “inside” information from one of the hares, and knew what she was doing.

Whore’s Whisperer prepared cheesecake-stuffed strawberries for the on-after. She claimed that they weren’t as pretty as the pictures on Pinterest. But when something feels so good in your mouth, you don’t care so much what it looks like.

Belatedly yours (no, not THAT kind of late),

Behold! My Bush