LBH Hash Trash #146

Lost Boobs #146 Hash Trash

Pho Cao

October 14, 2013

Sometimes hashers wear funny costumes. This night was no exception. There was the bottle of Heineken beer (fuck that shit!), wankers in underwear, a dude with a toilet seat around his neck and all the rest in gnarly knee socks and silly running gear. So when the guy showed up with a shamrock bandana around his face, holding two shopping bags by his head, he fit right in. Some thought he needed assistance on trail, with brown bags, perhaps. And maybe he did. But not in a hasher way. Just sayin, we got some weird shit going on, and a homeless guy fit right in.

Other notables on trail:

The hares were FellatiNo, Undecisive and Princess Labia.

The turkey trail went through the infected water twice.

Stumbellina fell. She also referred to her dog by her nerd name!!

Just Trish did NOT fall (perhaps the law of gravity was repealed?).

An auction was held for the keys to a 2007 Honda. The key chain was a Saint Christopher medal. SOLD! To the man with $69.99

Trail crimes were varied: non- menstrual bleeding (of the asshole), improper use of lube, dog on cat action. And finally, not being able to call out trail crimes properly. The last one was Just Kyle who earned the shit award for it. However, in our hearts we know Princess Labia will always have the shit award.

That’s pretty much what I remember, which is 100% more than I recall from LBH #145.